Life Safety Systems With Proactive Monitoring & Real-Time Alerts

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Installation, Maintenance & Service

We take the necessary steps in ensuring the very best for our customers We provide systems that are durable and scalable to your needs with second to none service, leaving no stone unturned

Direct Equipment Sales

We make it easy to get dependable equipment and experienced technicians that oversee any project with confidence. Call us today to set up your consultation with our qualified team members...

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24/7 Monitoring & Support

Our 24/7 phone support is available nights, weekends and even holidays! Relentless dedication to protecting your home or business and making sure to ease your mind of those everyday risks...

Voice Masking

Sound deafening systems made to reduce distractions and provide confidentiality in your everyday work area. Primarily used in commercial offices, court rooms, and secure business facilities...

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Access Control & CCTV

Don't let anyone capitalize on your business establishment. Your security system is your frontline in protection. We offer everything from motion detectors and cameras to a full Access Control system...

Fire Alarm

We create Life Safety & Fire Alarm Systems from top to bottom or monitor your existing equipment. Our quick response time and overall completion projects makes us the best in the business...


Master Clock

The Master Clock is a complete wired or wireless system that is completely accurate with the power to synchronize timing signals to slave clocks throughout your clock network...

Inspection & Testing

Our Fire Alarm inspections are based on NFPA Standards and can include UL certification. This will ensure your system will operate as intended to notify building occupants of fire or another emergency. Additional testing services offered for elevator phones, intrusion and nurse call type systems. Our technicians are certified by the state and uphold to the highest standards based on state and UL requirements.

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Communication Service Comp

Nurse Call

Primarily used in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and medical office buildings. Expandable to different zones and areas we offer standalone and integrated systems...


No job is too small. We provide systems from a small convenient size stores to a large college campus. Systems are designed to meet each individual client specifications and requirements. In addition, can be integrated based on current conditions. We believe in protecting your property to give you that peace of mind.



Paging systems are an asset for communications primarily installed in schools, auditoriums, stadiums, churches, and other assembly type structures. CSC can design systems to be individually zoned per area and/or for general announcements. Our paging systems allow for mass communication, keep customers informed, staff aware, and operations running smoothly.

Design Build

Our team will work with clients to create a customized system that best suits their needs. Clients work with a single point of contact for both the design and phases of a project. Each design will meet current code requirements.

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Intercom & Entry

Our intercom and entry systems provide seamless entry into your building with ease of access to the user. Clients will have a sense of security knowing who’s onsite right at their fingertips. CSC systems offer a combination of functionality and aesthetics which stays up on current industry technology and standards.

IT Network Systems

CSC has partnered with Business PC Support to offer testing, system integration, management service, and IT solutions. Our partner has been in business for over 12 years serving all business sizes nationwide. IT services and solutions are customized to meet individual business specifications.

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